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Action Vision Zero join HS Scorecard coalition

Action Vision Zero, the campaign for safer, people-friendly streets and roads, has joined the London Boroughs Healthy Streets Scorecard (HSS) coalition. The HSS coalition is made up of transport, health, road safety and environment campaigns who have come together because we understand that the same interventions are needed to achieve all our various goals.

In the UK, on average five people are killed on the roads every day. The Vision Zero concept refuses to accept this astonishing level of danger on roads; the idea that death and serious injury are an inevitable part of moving within our road system.

Transport For London has set itself a target that by 2041 no one will be killed or seriously injured on the capital’s roads.

The Action Vision Zero campaign believe that what works to reduce and eliminate casualties is already well known, and they aim to make this knowledge freely available to campaigners. 

Amy Aeron-Thomas, Roads Policing Campaign Coordinator for Action Vision Zero said, “We are delighted to join the Healthy Streets Scorecard coalition and contribute to its effectiveness and use as a key tool to reduce road danger. Whilst our focus is on reducing reported road casualties, we are based on road danger reduction and appreciate the wider need to reduce motor vehicle trips for active travel, air quality and the climate emergency. We have been keen promoters of the HSS and encourage other cities to adopt this approach.”

Kylie ap Garth, Campaign Manager for the Healthy Streets Scorecard, said, “We welcome Action Vision Zero, and the knowledge and expertise they bring, to the Healthy Streets Scorecard coalition. We appreciate the work AVZ do to support campaigns to end road danger and traffic harm. We look forward to their contribution to the Scorecard’s aims of encouraging and supporting boroughs to implement six key measures that will dramatically reduce road danger, improve air quality, boost active lifestyles and reduce carbon emissions.”

The HSS coalition is committed to:

  • raising the profile of the data and the Scorecard
  • developing the Scorecard to improve it where possible
  • encouraging and supporting boroughs to implement six key input measures.

The six measures are:

    1. Borough-wide Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
    2. A default 20mph speed limit on all borough and Transport for London controlled roads
    3. Small-area Controlled Parking Zones borough-wide
    4. Protected cycle lanes on main roads
    5. Traffic-free streets around all schools and safe walking and cycling routes to school
    6. Bus priority on all routes 24/7



The coalition has now grown to include the following organisations: London Living Streets, London Cycling Campaign, Sustrans, CPRE London, RoadPeace, Possible, Wheels for Wellbeing, Future Transport London and Action Vision Zero.

The coalition is supported by Asthma + Lung UK and Clean Cities campaign, and is partnered with London TravelWatch

Healthy Streets Scorecard coalition members
Healthy Streets Scorecard supporters and partner.

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