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Enfield Council Controlled Parking

We asked Enfield Council what has prompted the borough to introduce more controlled parking

Enfield Council was one of the Councils which improved its year-on-year score for this ‘input’ measure in the Healthy Streets Scorecard, going from 9% of its borough-managed road network being under controlled parking in February 2019 to 14% in February 2020 (a 5% increase).

“Controlled Parking Zones are a small but important aspect of how we can help to make our roads safer and less congested while improving air quality.”


Last July, Enfield Council implemented a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Bowes Park, operating Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm. The CPZ deters commuters, who may be heading into central London by bus and train, from occupying kerbside space. It also prevents employees of nearby stores, as well as residents in adjacent Controlled Parking Zones, opting to park freely in the Bowes Park area rather than purchase permits for their own zones.

The Council also helped to promote active travel by providing nine cycle hangars.

CPZs provide the benefits of reducing congestion and air pollution by vehicles driving through or to boroughs to park and commute; discourage short trips by car which can readily be made by other active transport modes and make it easier for residents, and their visitors and delivery drivers, to park near their homes.

Cllr Ian Barnes, Enfield Council’s Deputy Leader

Enfield Council’s Deputy Leader and Chair of the Climate Change Task Force, Councillor Ian Barnes, said:

“In response to our climate emergency declaration, we have set up a Climate Change Task Force to lead on making Enfield Council carbon neutral by 2030. We will make bold decisions to tackle all aspects of climate change. While the initial focus is on reducing the Council’s own emissions, we are also looking closely at borough-wide activities – including transport, active travel and parking.

“Controlled Parking Zones are a small but important aspect of how we can help to make our roads safer and less congested while improving air quality. Emissions from transport in Enfield account for an estimated 39 per cent of the borough’s total emissions.

“Adjusting the availability of parking across an area should help to encourage commuters to consider more sustainable travel options for their daily journeys, help reduce parking pressures and congestion, and most importantly promote more physical exercise. Never has this been more important as we tentatively move out of lockdown and help commuters to make healthy and safe decisions about their travel options.

“We are currently reviewing our CPZ permit charging policy with a view to curtailing the number allowed per household and moving from a permit price based on engine size to a price based on emissions. The combustion engine will be banned in the UK by 2035 and we would like to do our bit now to encourage electric vehicle use across our borough.

“We will also look to increase the number of secure bike hangars available, as has been seen in Bowes Park, which will improve access to secure cycle storage for residents without garages and gardens and make it easier to access the 19 miles of high-quality cycle routes across Enfield. These changes, along with our up-coming Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods and School Streets programmes will all contribute to make the environment healthier, safer and more pleasant for all in Enfield.”

Locked bike hangar in Bowes Park.
Bowes Park bike hangar opened.
Enfield Council CPZ map

Find out more about why Controlled Parking Zones is one of our Healthy Streets Scorecard indicators.

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