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Healthy Streets News, February 2024

In this issue (scroll down for full details)

  • Get your ticket to our free networking event for London Healthy Streets groups
  • Women’s Freedom Ride & LCC’s London Loves Cycling campaign
  • Round up of coalition partner’s London Election 2024 manifestos
  • RoadPeace’s Victims Voice campaign
  • Richmond’s front garden parking policy


Free networking event

for London Healthy Streets groups – Thurs 29 February 1-1:45pm ‘lunchtime webinar’

Our London Healthy Streets Local Groups Network is now over 300 strong. Join our webinar, meet other campaigners facing similar issues, ask questions and get help on campaign strategy & effective campaigning. Sign up here.

Women’s Freedom Ride

What do we want? Freedom to ride! Join hundreds of women and allies for the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) Women’s Freedom ride on Sunday 3 March. This will be a fun protest ride around iconic locations in Central London. Register here.

There are fully-led feeder rides from all across London to help you cycle to the start point safely, from Haringey to Newham, from Kingston to Redbridge. Find the list of feeder rides and sign up here.

London Loves Cycling

London Loves Cycling! and for the next Mayoral Elections LCC will be celebrating this. We need to make sure the people who run London feel that love – that they get that cycling isn’t just a nice thing, it’s also something that keeps London moving, cleanly, healthily and happily. So they need to do more for it. We want to make sure the next Mayor loves cycling, wants more people cycling and can join in the love!

LCC will be launching their campaign at the end of March so be sure to join us to tell and show the next candidates what cycling means to you.

Mayoral Election 2024 Asks

A round up of some our coalition partner’s London Election 2024 manifestos:

Sustrans in London has published its manifesto for London 2024 calling on the mayoral candidates to commit to seven asks to make London a healthier place with greater transport and health equity across all communities.
Sustrans’ asks are:

  1. Double healthy streets investment to £300m per year, prioritised on areas of deprivation
  2. Create an inspiring Green Belt walking, wheeling and cycling network
  3. Transform the Rotherhithe Tunnel into a world-leading walking, wheeling and cycling connection
  4. Transform 25% of parking spaces into thriving public assets
  5. Provide targeted cycle skills provision to London’s diverse communities
  6. Create sociable high streets
  7. Incorporate leisure cycling into London’s Cycling Plan
CPRE London website

CPRE London’s manifesto for the Mayoral Election 2024 contains eight commitments they want candidates to sign up to:

  1. Create a minimum of 10 major new parks or nature reserves for London by 2030
  2. Create 1,000 garden streets or street parks by 2030
  3. Organise Emergency Rain Garden Construction
  4. Reduce traffic in London by 50% by 2030
  5. Run a voluntary #LightsOut campaign
  6. Identify, by 2026, specific sites to deliver ambitious habitat creation targets
  7. Plant 1,000 hectares of new tree canopy cover by 2030
  8. Oppose all developments that would result in loss of precious green space
Living Streets London website

London Living Streets Mayoral Elections focus is on making changes to streets and roads that work for young people and children.

Children are a kind of indicator species. If we can build a successful city for children, we will have a successful city for all people.
Mayor Enrique Peñalosa of Bogotá

Action Vision Zero want to see a strengthening of London’s commitment to Vision Zero based on road danger reduction, and fundamental to this is reducing speed, reducing traffic and reducing danger.

Victims’ Voice Campaign

RoadPeace has just launched a new exciting, London-based campaign called Victims’ Voice! If you or a loved one has experienced a road crash, will you support our efforts to amplify the voices and experiences of victims as we work towards Vision Zero.

We’ve got lots of ways to get involved to suit all levels of knowledge and interest, allowing you to contribute in any way you would like. But, to make the impact we want, helping to reduce road danger and promote active travel, we’ll need as many of us coming together to contribute to the campaign as possible.

Over the next year, we’ll need people for activities such as:

  • Meeting with decision-makers, sharing your experiences to influence policy
  • Participating in awareness training sessions and public events
  • Attending webinars
  • Growing their campaigning skill set to be an even more effective advocate for road danger reduction

So, if you find the level of collisions in London unacceptable, will you join the campaign to help amplify Victims’ Voices so we can drastically reduce road harm?
Please email Myles,, if you’d like to contribute.

CPRE London expresses dismay over Richmond’s front garden parking policy

Environmental campaigners are dismayed by Richmond Council’s recent decision to make it easier for residents to convert their front gardens for car parking, including removing the parking stress test, the minimum distance from a junction and significantly reducing the minimum size of garden which can be considered for conversion.
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