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Lockdown street changes

London boroughs and the changes to street design in response to COVID-19

As a result of Coronavirus there is now a necessity to move around in new ways. London city streets do not have the capacity for those with cars to drive. Nor can the biggest source of air pollution – motorised cars, be the go-to for Londoners. London boroughs need safe walking, cycling and public transport that allow for social distancing. Therefore, each borough’s emergency transport plan needs to focus on active transport as the answer to the impact of Coronavirus, with the incidental benefits of addressing concerns of air pollution, carbon emissions, street safety and physical inactivity.

London boroughs have begun to implement street changes in the form of temporary widening of footpaths, cycle lanes, street filters to limit motor traffic, and reducing speed limits. Sustrans have been collating these measures and have created a Space to move map which shows the latest street changes across London, and the UK.

Sustrans are asking for people to let them know what they think of the emergency measures and how the changes are working. The intention is for Sustrans to collate the information and report back to local authorities where appropriate. If there is something missing you can request the intervention be added to the map.

Image: Sustrans Space to move map

Urban Design London: Managing streets during lockdown

During the Coronavirus lockdown Urban Design London have been hosting weekly meetings to discuss ‘Managing Streets during Lockdown’. Professionals have shared case studies, latest research, guidance and best practice as well as their experience of the work that is taking place in London.

Urban Design London are a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2002 to support London’s built environment professionals to create well-designed spaces and places. Their mission is to help those who deliver, manage or influence places to recognise, aspire to and achieve high quality, well designed spaces that work for people.

Recordings of the events, resources and session notes are available to help professionals design and manage streets during COVID-19.

Recordings of all the ‘Managing Streets during Lockdown’ events are available to watch online:

Image: Urban Design London
Image: Urban Design London
Image: Urban Design London
Image: Urban Design London
Image: Urban Design London
Image: Urban Design London
Image: Playing Out
Image: Urban Design London
Image: Urban Design London

Takeaways & Notes
Summaries of what was said, key ideas and advice from the sessions.

Other Resources
A library of guidance and research documents including sourcebooks that give guidance on built environment.

Urban Design Group ideasSPACE: pandemic street design

The Urban Design Group (UDG) have been leading a series of webinars for people interested in planning and designing cities to overcome the Covid-19 crisis, and preparing for the future.

On the UDG Events page you can sign up for upcoming online webinars and view the archive of previous online events.

Founded in 1978, the Urban Design Group (UDG) is a campaigning membership organisation with over 1000 members who care about the quality of life in our cities, towns and villages, and believe that raising standards of urban design is central to its improvement.

Life Saving Streets: Street layout and design during and after a pandemic, online webinar by The Urban Design Group ideasSPACE

Covid-19 and Healthy Streets

Covid-19 crisis engulfs transport “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”, said Lenin. And that is how it has felt at times in urban transport of

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Main image: Urban Design London

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