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Trust for London’s Map of the Month

Trust for London, an independent charitable foundation that aims to tackle poverty and inequality in London, has re-produced the 2022 Healthy Streets Scorecard data in their September Map of the Month.

Oliver O’Brien, a researcher and software developer at the UCL Department of Geography, has produced the map from the Healthy Streets Scorecard using the 9 different indicators relating to healthy and sustainable mobility that gives each London borough a score out of 10.

He explains the link between healthy streets and poverty/inequality;
“A healthy street promotes a better living environment, and in turn contributes to reducing deprivation, so it is important to consider the impact of the outdoor environment when looking at poverty across London. The local outdoor environment is one of the subdomains which form the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), the official and well-recognised measure of deprivation and poverty levels in England, and we know that factors that feed into the local outdoor environment, such as air pollution, are often closely linked with poverty. On top of this, reduced exposure to noise and air pollution from cars can directly improve health (another subdomain within the IMD) and quality of life, and so understanding areas where streets are more likely to be less healthy is an important strand of reducing inequality in the capital.”

Read more and view the map (with shareable & downlable links)

Healthy Streets Scorecard map by Oliver O'Brien for Trust for London

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