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2023 Healthy Streets Scorecard results

The big news for this Scorecard was the rollout of three Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) almost simultaneously. This has taken the borough from circa 17% of the borough’s residential area covered to double that in one go. This was a huge leap forward for a borough that has done little-to-no Healthy Streets delivery for many years. Haringey has a good score for school STARS (on 45%) and a fair percentage of School Streets (on 27%). We look forward to more Haringey Streets for People projects in the next year and encourage Haringey to continue to consult, engage and educate residents on the benefits of these transformative schemes.

The Healthy Streets Scorecard combine scores for ten indicators to create an overall Healthy Streets score for each borough. See the graph below for 2023 results (includes 2019 – 2022 results for comparison). For more detail visit the London-wide overview of the 2023 results. You can also:

Scorecard (factored score) chart explained

In the chart above, each borough has been given a factored score. Factor scores are composite variables which provide information about a borough’s placement on a scale. Factor scores are given by F=XB, where X is the indicator normalised score for a borough and B is the factor score coefficient (or weight). Each indicator is weighted as 1, or 0.5 if there are two parts to one indicator, for example Modeshare has a weighting of 1, Active travel – walking has a weighting of 0.5 and Active travel – cycling has a weighting of 0.5. The borough’s total factored score is the sum of all indicator factored scores which is then factored to 10 (multiplied by the number of indicators/10) to give a value on the scale between zero and 10. We can then compare boroughs against each other on the scale.

London Low Traffic Neighbourhoods map

See your borough’s LTNs – and all LTNs in London in the London LTN map

For results analysis visit Low Traffic Neighbourhoods indicator results

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